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Professional Website Design (also known as Web Design and Development) is the art of creating world class business websites that look great and achieve a high ROI.

Occasionally, we speak with business owner who are torn between using a professional web design service and "doing it themselves".

Should you build your own website? Maybe... but probably not. This article talks about the differences between doing it yourself and having a reputable company create a custom website for you.

Yes, like anything with the littlest connection to technology, your expectations from your professional web design company also deserve an upgrade.

We have gone through this list before. But, times have changed. Google has gone through update after update after update, which affects how websites rank in search results. User standards have changed too. Mobile devices can no longer be taken for granted. As it is, the qualities that you want in a website are qualities that you also want from your professional web design company. These are the top three: mobility, engagement and conversion.

A responsive web design is not just something you need to tick off your website list. There are immense benefits to it, ones that you shouldn't ignore.

Foremost here is your search engine optimisation (SEO). Google has taken it upon themselves to push for responsive web design by imposing penalties on those with websites that aren't user-friendly and adaptive to different devices and screen sizes.

Converting your site visitors into leads is always the goal of any website owner. The best way to do this is to have content that caters to your audience, one that responds to their interests and concerns. But then again, the traffic that goes to your site is so diverse, how do you do that?

Converting your site visitors into leads is always the goal of any website owner. The best way to do this is to have content that caters to your audience, one that responds to their interests and concerns. But then again, the traffic that goes to your site is so diverse, how do you do that?

One of the most important things to remember when you're deciding on your web presence is this:  customers know. They know if you've put some thought into your website. They know if you invested enough time and resources into it; or, inversely, if you went cheap. They know if your website was designed by a professional.

This seems like an easy task but it’s actually crucial. Your choice of web designer is your first step to having an effective online presence, and it can make or break your website.  At A Website That Works For You, we gauge our team and services based on a set criteria. This is what we bring to the table – this is why we are confident that we are one of the best design companies around.

Make Your Website Work For You With Effective On-Page SEO

When you want to succeed with your online marketing, start with on-page SEO by A Website That Works For You.

The foundation of your search engine optimisation is your on-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to optimisation that you do within your business domain. It means optimising your web pages for your target keywords.

There’s a lot of considerations and work that go into effective on-page SEO. Leave it to the pros! A Website That Works For You can help you achieve the best results from your website. Call us today and know more about how we can help you find online success.

  • Get to the top of search engine results.
  • Create landing pages that are top-ranked and can convert site visitors into clients.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a professionally optimised website.
  • Achieve your online goals with A Website That Works For You!

A Website That Works For You is a professional web and content development team with strings of online success. From on-page SEO to content development, online marketing and website design and development, we are your partner in online success! Talk to us today about your website goals: (02) 4704 8505.

Achieve effective on-page SEO with Sydney’s top web development company.

A Website That Works For You is web development and optimisation leader in Sydney, and nearby surrounds. Our team of top-notch designers, developers, content and SEO professionals, and project managers has played key roles in many successful websites. Our on-page SEO services implement tried and tested strategies that are effective and keep within the industry’s best practices. We can help you achieve a website that is truly effective in ranking you on top and converting your visitors into clients. Call us to learn more about what we can do for you: (02) 4704 8505.

Basic Components of an Effective On-page SEO

An aspect of a complete website is on-page SEO. A website that forgoes even basic on-page SEO is a wasted opportunity. It’s like having a party but forgetting to send invitations. A website without on-page SEO risks not being discovered by its intended audience.

So, alongside optimal design, development and content, make sure you have effective on-page SEO in place. Here are some basic components to keep in mind.

Be clear about the keywords you want to optimise for.

Each page of your website can only be optimised for one keyword. And, keywords shouldn’t be optimised over multiple pages within the same domain name. This is an on-page SEO basic and it is crucial that it is followed for your business website.

So, on top of mapping your web pages, it is important to also map the keywords you’ll optimise your pages for. Choose a central keyword for each page, making sure each page gets a unique keyword.

Choose your keywords wisely.

When choosing keywords, put yourself in the position of your prospective clients. What words would they use to find a business like yours? Which of these are more popular and relevant? There are several tools to help you here, including Google Adwords. You’ll find that as you search for the best keywords, they turn out to be niche keywords – those that specify location and product characteristics, among other things.

Write for people but keep your on-page SEO in mind.

A big mistake of the past is that so-called SEO gurus optimised solely for search engines, churning out pages upon pages of junk content. This led search giants, such as SEO, to clamp down on scheming SEO strategies that forgo what users actually look for and need.

Thus, today, search engines are stricter and have become more sophisticated in spotting black hat SEO practices that forget about what search engines are really all about: relevant interesting content.

So, as you sit down to write your content, consider on-page SEO – yes. But, keep in mind that you are writing for human audiences. Put their needs on top. Give them relevant content that’s engaging and informative.

Don’t forget your meta content.

Of course, there is an aspect of content that is mainly intended for search engines. This is your meta content. Ideally, meta content helps search engines improve their indexing and classification of website. Through how you describe your pages and the keywords you use, engines can properly rank and display details of your site whenever people search for specific keywords.

So, take care of your meta content. Your meta description and title are most important. Keep within the ideal character count as this will be displayed in search engine results.

Include a site map.

No matter how big or small your website is, always include a site map as one of your pages. Site maps aren’t just for people. These are ways for search engines to get a better idea what your website is all about.

In making a site map, there are guidelines to follow. There are several pointers online on how to do this. Or, you can download Google’s site map and adapt it for your website.

Get help.

Of course, it is always better to contract help when you want your on-page SEO done right. It lessens risks of employing black hat practices (even unknowingly). Likewise, it ensures that your on-page optimisation is comprehensive and optimal.

Talk to A Website That Works For You today to know more about effective on-page SEO. Call: (02) 4704 8505.

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Sometimes, the difference between a successful online presence and a nonperforming one just lies in the landing pages – or the first thing that your prospective online customers get to see. Some landing pages work; others don’t.

Here are tips you need to know if you want to create landing pages that convert site visitors into qualified leads...

These days, putting together a website seems like a piece of cake. You "photoshop" for a bit, and then cut and convert the web design into HTML. Or easier still, you can buy a pre-coded design template or a Content Management System (CMS)… and – tada! – a website! Well, it’s really not that simple.

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