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Landing page tips you need to know

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Sometimes, the difference between a successful online presence and a nonperforming one just lies in the landing pages – or the first thing that your prospective online customers get to see. Some landing pages work; others don’t.

Here are tips you need to know if you want to create landing pages that convert site visitors into qualified leads...

Keep your landing page website simple

Such an easy phrase, it practically rolls off your tongue. But then again, so many forget this rule. "Keep it simple". When you create your landing pages, stay away from too many colours, too many flashy effects and in some cases too many words.

Get to the point. Use colours, images, and text to lead your online audience to your message – your Call to Action. Do not overload your viewer’s senses with too much detail that is likely to distract them from the main reason they visited the site in the first place.

Don't give out every detail so prospects have no reason to enquire

One of the easiest ways to generate leads in certain markets is to offer a price list download. By this, I don't mean a simple download button... here's how it works:

Have a simple form with a call to action along the lines of "Interested in XYZ? Download the price list instantly!" For the user to download it they are required to submit their name, email and phone for example.

Here you're capturing the details of a prospect who's likely on their way to making a purchasing decision which gives you the opportunity to speak with them or at the very least, keep in regular contact over email.

By using key information as your bait and a smart call to action, you will increase conversions.

Have a clear call to action

The Call to Action (CTA) is one of the most important elements of your landing page. This is your online visitor’s next step. Will they be interested enough to take the bait and click on your CTA?

The secret in converting visitors to qualified leads is to create CTAs that move people to act. This should be direct to the point, simple and visible. In your use of colours, the CTA should be in a contrasting colour.

Yes, colour can increase your conversion rate. A good practice is to keep your headline, phone number and call to action all in the same contrasting colour because the human brain is drawn to these related elements when looking at the others.

Convey professionalism

As in many aspects of business, looks matter. In the same way that you wouldn’t let an unshaven unkempt scary looking try to sell your services, you wouldn’t want a sloppy looking website to represent you online.

Devote some time and funds in creating a professional-looking landing page, with relevant information. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customers. When you see your landing page, do you like it? Is it engaging enough to encourage you to stay longer and explore the rest of the website?

Be trustworthy

You may be offering the best product, with the most awesome features. Your CTA is powerful and really draws people in. But then again, if your viewers don't see testimonials, can’t see how they can contact you via email or phone they will be much less likely to trust you.

Transparency is important if you want quick action from your online visitors. If you want them to buy from you, they should feel that you are truthful and have nothing to hide.

The more trust you gain, the less resistance you will have so don't be afraid to make a video, show off testimonials and spend the time to get to know your prospective clients.

Simply put, our landing pages convert much higher then competitors. Subscribe to our email or call today on (02) 4704 8505 for a quick chat about improving your landing page design so you get more leads & sales...

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