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Benefits of a Responsive Web Design

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Responsive Web Designers at work. Responsive Web Designers at work.

A responsive web design is not just something you need to tick off your website list. There are immense benefits to it, ones that you shouldn't ignore.

Foremost here is your search engine optimisation (SEO). Google has taken it upon themselves to push for responsive web design by imposing penalties on those with websites that aren't user-friendly and adaptive to different devices and screen sizes.

The search engine giant stands to benefit from responsive websites. These sites are easier to crawl, index and organise; and content is unique for each URL. Google doesn't have to index different versions of the same web pages. Sharing and audience engagement also become easier, which improves the user experience. These are then assessed more effectively, and Google can grant higher ranking to more relevant and popular websites.

You also get to reach a wider audience. People are increasingly using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to access the internet and make online purchases. Mobile buying is expected to top $8 billion annually. With a responsive web design, you rank higher with Google; and reach a bigger audience, including your mobile market. You also make it easier for them to make online purchases. This can give your sales a big boost.

Responsive websites improve the user experience while making it easier for you to manage your websites. Varied screen sizes and devices require that you have different versions of your content. Responsive web design takes this off your plate. It guarantees that your site visitors, regardless of their device, won't have to pan, scroll or resize needlessly. They can enjoy a website that's easy to use and navigate.

For the site owner, their site management experience also improves. A fluid and responsive website means that it will look good across all devices and screen sizes. This is great and let's you focus on creating engaging content and relevant information. You can consolidate marketing efforts, focusing on both web and mobile marketing with less effort and fund requirements.

Lastly, you cut your costs. You don't have to invest in multiple versions of your website. While it takes a more experienced and knowledgeable web team to create a truly responsive website for you, it is a worthwhile longer-lasting investment. Your website is technically relevant. And, you can focus on content and marketing strategies that engage your target audience – all at a reduced long-term costs!

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