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Why online marketing is not just about "having a website"

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A website is a necessity if you want to market online – there’s no arguing about that. However, remember that online marketing does not stop there. You need to cover several bases if you want to do effective online marketing.

Make sure your website works for you

Your website is your online salesperson, your 24/7 representative. When a customer cannot go to your actual storefront, they must be able to go to you online, via your website; and do business with you there.
To facilitate this, your website should work for you. It shouldn’t be a static entity, just sitting there doing nothing.

So, once you’ve set up a website, think of what you want it to do for you. Do you want to get your information out there? Do you have products to sell online? Do you want your readers to sign up for your newsletter? Do you want to generate leads?

You will find that once you’re clear about what you want from your website, developing site content becomes easier. Some elements that you’d consider including are: effective Call to Actions, product features, visible Buy links, your company’s contact information, and a Newsletter signup form.

Email Marketing

Email marketing in some spaces has bad reputation because of those who abuse it (aka ‘people who send spam email’). However, it remains an important tool in online marketing. Through email marketing, usually in the form of newsletters or product updates, you maintain contact with interested individuals. The clincher is that you don’t overdo this, and the individual really did sign up to hear from you.

Email Marketing Statistic GraphsFor this, you need to generate qualified leads through your website. You can encourage people to sign up for your newsletter by giving them something in return. For instance, if they sign up for your newsletter, they get to download exclusive content – such as your e-book – for free.

And be sure to make it easy for them to opt out from your newsletter by including an opt-out link to all your emails. This fine print is a legal necessity – lest you‘d want the ‘spam police’ to go after you.

So, with all these considerations, email regularly but not too often. Once a week is enough. Include interesting content and a Call to Action in your email. Use your emails to lead people back to your website.

Social Media Marketing

These days, you can’t ignore Facebook and its ilk, such as Twitter, G+ and the rest of the online social media. These have the power to boost awareness and make your brand go viral. They can totally ignore you too if you do not give them ample attention. Social media marketing is one of the fastest ways to get in touch with your target market, introduce your brand or product, and lead interested individuals to your website. Practically everyone’s in at least one of these outlets.

You just have to get to them by building a sizable following, posting interesting content, and engaging your followers.

Remember: when you want to market effectively online, you need to extend your efforts beyond creating a website. Invest in a good website, with tools that help you generate leads. Set up your email marketing to help build a relationship with these leads. Reach out to your target market through social media. Use these tools to bring people back to your website, where they can take action and buy!

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