One of the challenges a Penrith business faces is finding the best mix of online promotional channels. After all, funds are limited, and you need to devote your time and energy to your choices. Success online doesn’t come overnight. It is a product of steady consistent good work, wherein you optimise your visibility and presence to your target market.

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One of the most noteworthy trends in 2017 is the sudden immense importance of cross-channel marketing, as opposed to the more dated multi-channel marketing.

These two have used interchangeably but are actually quite dissimilar to each other. Multi-channel marketing refers to having marketing presence in different channels. Cross-channel is like so but the approach is integrated, which requires extensive planning.

An example of multi-channel marketing is having ads in social media, mobile apps, Google searches and email. The cross-channel marketing version of this feeds ads through social media etc. after you’ve browsed / considered buying a product on an app, say Google Play. The integrated approach acts as a filter. You don’t waste your marketing efforts on people who are not likely to buy.

There are emerging search engine optimisation trends this early in 2017. We are going to focus on these SEO trends in depth, starting with optimising for user intent.

What is Optimising for User Intent? For the longest time, we’ve optimised with keywords in mind. These keywords are used logically within your meta content, titles, text content and external content. The goal then was to rank for these keywords, while providing relevant and engaging information to your readers.

This has changed drastically through the years. We’ve seen search engine updates, one after the other, with the intent of refining search results and weeding away spam content. This is well and good for users because they get results that fit their searches.

Your Sydney business website is a big part of your success in today’s commercial landscape. You might have everything online covered – from an impressive website with engaging content to great social media marketing and search engine optimisation. However, if your website fails to convert site visitors into qualified leads or buyers, your business website investment falls short.

Your website is where you do business. It is where your online engagement leads to. In the end, it is what adds to your bottom line. Good – even spectacular – conversion rate, where your site visitors become leads and clients, is the ideal. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

The online landscape these days sees a divide between what to focus on: your search engine optimisation (SEO) or social media marketing (SMM). But, do you really have to choose? To answer this question, it is important to remember that SEO and SMM work together. They help your website reach out to your target market. Of course, this is done through different means.

So you've been in business for a while, have a basic website and want to know the next steps? You've heard about facebook and social media but is it for you and can it help you get new customers?

The short answer; maybe. But ultimately, it depends on what you're looking to achieve. In this article we'll compare Social Media Vs SEM and hopefully save you a bunch of cash.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 04:44

Basics of on-page SEO

For a couple of weeks now, we’ve gone off to discuss Penguin 2.0 and building up your link profile. Most of the link profile work that you do is outside your website, or off page. This does not mean you should forget what’s on your website, or on-page.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 04:28

Are you afraid of the SEO Penguin?

In a recent blog, we talked about Negative SEO and the Penguin 2.0 update. This latest Google algorithm update left Search Engine Optimisation experts and online marketers scrambling to ensure that their websites stay on top of search engine ranking. Negative

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 04:17

[INFOGRAPHIC] Content Marketing mixed with SEO

Search engine optimisation isn't what it used to be. Some exciting changes have been happening with google's algorithm that are evening the playing field for the little guys.

A golden opportunity exists for small business to gain rankings and market share that used to be dominated by the big players. Content marketing mixed with natural SEO is the key...

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 04:15

What is negative SEO and how to stay positive?

Its a normal scene at the office every time Google does an update; our search engine optimisation specialists, webmasters and internet marketers all get involved at the new task at hand; ensuring rankings are maintained and making sure our process factors in the new updates.

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