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A Website That Works For You is the leading name in professional web design in Sydney, Penrith and nearby surround. We are the choice provider of web design, development, SEO, online marketing and content development services by businesses and individuals alike.

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  • Engage your market and nurture your leads with effective targeted content.

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  • A Website That Works For You can do all this and more!

At A Website That Works For You, we understand that your business website isn’t something you should take for granted. Don’t make the mistake of settling for a template website. Likewise, take time to map and develop your content. Your business website is your first handshake; it is your first chance to make a great impression with your target audience.

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Take Advantage of our Experience and Expertise.

Get online with the best website design company in Sydney on your side. A Website That Works For You is a team of design, development, SEO, content development and online marketing leaders. Each of our team member boasts of commendable expertise and experience in their fields. This has propelled us, as a company, to the top of the industry. You can leverage this same expertise and experience too!

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Elements of an Effective Business Website

At this point, you’ve probably read a million things on what makes a successful business website. And, perhaps, you’ve become quite confused. There are so many tips, tricks and strategies out there. If you’re just at a starting point with your business website, or have been unsuccessful with your current one, it can be a struggle.

As a business owner or manager, it is important to know what goes into a successful website. Even if you outsource the work to the leading web design company in Sydney (that’s us!), you need to understand what works – what goes into a website that can actually get you clients.

Here are some points to keep in mind.

  1. The design of your website is your first chance at making a good impression.
    Looks can be superficial but that’s no reason to skip it, especially when it comes to your website. How attractive and suitable your design is determines the kind of first impression you make with your target market. If you settle for a so-so looking website, your potential clients might associate your business with so-so products and services.

    So, make sure to ask for a great-looking suitable website design. Don’t settle for a template design. In the same way, make sure that your site design suits your business. For instance, a black and white design is not suitable for a flower business. Flowers imply colour and life – a black and white look often falls short of this.
  2. Take time to develop your content, and do so with your target market in mind.
    Looks can get your foot in the door; but, you still need to make the sale. Online, this takes a lot of lead nurturing and engagement. Content is key when you want to achieve this goal.

    Take the time to map out the necessary content for your website, with your market’s needs in mind. This means knowing and providing the kind of content they need at specific points of their buyer’s journey. This involves a whole gamut of content, not just those within your website. This includes your onpage and offpage content, whitepapers, brochures, user reviews and more.

    Remember that your content plays a crucial role in your conversion rate and lead nurturing. Develop engaging and requisite content, consistently.
  3. Mind your SEO.
    Suffice it to say, online, search engine optimisation is life. It determines if all the effort and investment you put in your design and content reach their intended audience. SEO is a crucial component of your online success – arguably, it is the first step. After all, if you can’t lead your target market to your website, how can you convert them into buyers or users?

    So, while you write for people, keep your SEO in mind. Optimise your content, both meta and user content. Link internally and externally. Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with related trustworthy websites and link to each other. SEO involves both your optimisation and online reputation. Make sure to contract the services of a web design company that know its white-hat best practices SEO.
  4. Design and develop to convert; test your conversion strategies as you go along.
    All of your online efforts – from design to content, SEO and social media engagement – boil down to how you are able to convert your site visitors into clients.

    You may apply several strategies across the different aspects of website development. But, remember that these should would efficiently together in bringing in clients. It’s easy to say you got everything covered. However, you need to test, monitor and tweak consistently. This is a job best taken care of by a professional web design company.

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